Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Trout Fly Fishing Blog

Another new blog for trout fly fisherman who want to increase their catch rate and possible catch their fish of a lifetime. I will be going into fine detail on how to find and catch the river monsters and what tackle you will have to use. Whatever you know about trout fly fishing is no longer valid this is a completely different style, it is more akin to salt water bass fly fishing due to fly size and casting techniques. Stalking is one of the most important parts of this fishing style and when in complete darkness you will be utilizing all of your other senses and trust me it is a steep learning curve especially if you haven't fished at night before. Believe it or not but you will be dry fly fishing at night in the darkness, that is if you can call it a fly it has more in common with a bat for size and casting ability. That is all i will say for now just follow this blog and you won't be disappointed it may catch you your trophy trout all i ask is take a photo and put it back so someone can enjoy it too.