Monday, January 4, 2016

Bass Flies for all Occasions

Here is a small selection of the bass flies that i use regularly, you can use them with the Rio saltwater floating or intermediate fly lines. There are two heavy flies in the photo as you can see, one is an epoxy head pattern and the other a clouser both are sand eel imitations and are ideal for deeper water with the intermediate line or they can be fished in heavy waves/surf with a floating line to keep the fly down in the wave. The other patterns are generally bait patterns imitating small mullet, pollack or sprat and i normally catch the better bass on the smaller bait patterns such as the pin fry. All you have to do is tie up a generic white bait fish pattern and with a few permanent markers make any colour bait fish pattern that you like and putting a nice bar stripe along the body works very well, best colours blue and white or green and white.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Tippet Loop Knot.


This is the loop knot that i use on my tippets when attaching my flies to my salt water fly lines. The knot can be tied on flurocarbon, mono and copolymer and is very easy to use on a loop to loop system which i will show in the next video.

This is my loop to loop system which is shown using a salmon sink tip but the same system can be applied when putting a tippet on a salt water fly line. I will be putting up a few of the knots i use when salt water fly fishing such as a knot for joining lines together for making tapered leaders and a few loop knots for flies that allow them to fish with more movement.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Favourite Fishing Knot.

This is my favourite fishing knot i use it when tying on my flies and spinners with flurocarbon, mono and copolymer, even attaching braid to swivels. It is a very strong knot but the main trick is to moisten the knot just before you tighten / bed it down and that way you prevent friction burn which is the main culprit in knots breaking.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hunting The Sea Bass

Well i have just finished my salmon and trout season so now i intend to go back and chase the bass once again. I will go back to all my old haunts over the coming weeks and hopefully get a few large bass to specimen size on lure and if lucky on the fly. I achieved a personal best this year with the c&r of a very large wild brown trout which took up a lot of my time but the end result was worth it. I intend to put the same effort and time into catching some good bass and hopefully catch a monster to show on my video channel. All the techniques and tackle that i use will be featured on this blog so keep watching this space.... Paul.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Before and After Spawning Photo.

The top photo shows a big solid well rounded female bass taken before spawning season which happens during    May to June ( closed season for bass fishing 15th May to the 15th June ) and the bottom photo shows the loss of condition due to spawning. Bass anglers should take great care to return these spent fish so that they can feed up and spawn again in the future. Unfortunately i have seen anglers killing these bass which are the breeding stock when they should be taking the smaller bass ( 4lb - 6lb ) as these haven't matured yet. In America they have a legal limit 40cm to 60cm and anything above or below that limit cannot be killed and that is the way to save the bass stocks by not killing the large breeders. Seeing as the bass season will start up again in mid June i hope that more anglers become aware of this and start returning the bigger bass as they are all females.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Boga Grip and Reels loaded with Braid.

The top photo is my boga grip, a very useful tool in holding bass and allowing you to remove hooks without having to touch or damage the bass. Very effective on rocks it stops you struggling with the fish and can hold the bass safely in water until they are ready and strong enough to swim away.
The second photo shows my spinning reels loaded to the brim with braid in different strenghts from 8kilo upto 12kilo. Always bring a back-up reel, the last thing you want is a problem with your reel and having to go home when the fish are biting. The rod in the photo is a Daiwa Regal 10ft two piece 15gr - 50gram an excellent casting rod and powerful enough to land any size of bass as seen in my videos.