Monday, January 4, 2016

Bass Flies for all Occasions

Here is a small selection of the bass flies that i use regularly, you can use them with the Rio saltwater floating or intermediate fly lines. There are two heavy flies in the photo as you can see, one is an epoxy head pattern and the other a clouser both are sand eel imitations and are ideal for deeper water with the intermediate line or they can be fished in heavy waves/surf with a floating line to keep the fly down in the wave. The other patterns are generally bait patterns imitating small mullet, pollack or sprat and i normally catch the better bass on the smaller bait patterns such as the pin fry. All you have to do is tie up a generic white bait fish pattern and with a few permanent markers make any colour bait fish pattern that you like and putting a nice bar stripe along the body works very well, best colours blue and white or green and white.