Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Tippet Loop Knot.


This is the loop knot that i use on my tippets when attaching my flies to my salt water fly lines. The knot can be tied on flurocarbon, mono and copolymer and is very easy to use on a loop to loop system which i will show in the next video.

This is my loop to loop system which is shown using a salmon sink tip but the same system can be applied when putting a tippet on a salt water fly line. I will be putting up a few of the knots i use when salt water fly fishing such as a knot for joining lines together for making tapered leaders and a few loop knots for flies that allow them to fish with more movement.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Favourite Fishing Knot.

This is my favourite fishing knot i use it when tying on my flies and spinners with flurocarbon, mono and copolymer, even attaching braid to swivels. It is a very strong knot but the main trick is to moisten the knot just before you tighten / bed it down and that way you prevent friction burn which is the main culprit in knots breaking.