Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Before and After Spawning Photo.

The top photo shows a big solid well rounded female bass taken before spawning season which happens during    May to June ( closed season for bass fishing 15th May to the 15th June ) and the bottom photo shows the loss of condition due to spawning. Bass anglers should take great care to return these spent fish so that they can feed up and spawn again in the future. Unfortunately i have seen anglers killing these bass which are the breeding stock when they should be taking the smaller bass ( 4lb - 6lb ) as these haven't matured yet. In America they have a legal limit 40cm to 60cm and anything above or below that limit cannot be killed and that is the way to save the bass stocks by not killing the large breeders. Seeing as the bass season will start up again in mid June i hope that more anglers become aware of this and start returning the bigger bass as they are all females. http://www.vorts.com/bass_fishing/


  1. Paul - great post. Interesting to see the before/after photo.

    By the way Rahul just spammed your blog for a link to Tampa Bay fishing. I'd say he's indian- doing SEO work for the owner of that site.

  2. Thanks much appreciated have deleted comment from Rahul.

    Regards Paul.

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